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NEOFUSION takes its inspiration from mineral matter and comes in 6 different colour ways: MAGMA, VOLCANO, EMBER, STONE, TERRA and SAND, which can be combined with each other or with white porcelain. Each and every piece has the strength of porcelain and the look of ceramic due to a highly durable, hand-sprayed, non-porous glaze. NEOFUSION shows great contrasts between its raw appearance and the dishes’ refined ingredients, providing a spectacular culinary experience.

NEOFUSION MAGMA born out of molten rock, MAGMA exudes colour, making for explosive presentations. Its rough grain that sharpens the senses, creates the desire to run your fingers along it and provides a contrast with the lightness of the cuisine.

NEOFUSION VOLCANO has an authentic character and an expressive simplicity. Inspired by volcanic rock, these pieces evoke unchanging class and a contrasting theatrical look, for spectacular culinary presentations.

NEOFUSION EMBER with the colour of a glowing hearth, EMBER creates a play of light shimmers on your presentations, as if they had been placed on a bed of flames. These pieces are ideal for constantly renewing your culinary creativity and firing up your inspiration.

NEOFUSION STONE, with its mineral accents, is soft to the touch, uneven and dense, in contrast with the refined ingredients of your food. The raw appearance of its material provides an unforgettable experience, bringing the joy of pure sensations.

NEOFUSION TERRA evokes the idea of a return to the essentials, to flavour. Its terracotta tones are a reminder of the tradition of baked clay, with none of the associated fragility. The non-porous porcelain is coated in a texture which is stunningly simple.

NEOFUSION SAND has a warm, sunny colour, enhancing dishes by intensifying their sensuality. Culinary creativity displayed on a fine grain naturally unites form and substance, the harmony of the taste buds and the smooth finish of mineral materials.

Kendermar Distributors Ltd is Irelands leading supplier of RAK Porceilain.

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The BANQUET series consists of over 100 items for catering professionals and their daily needs. This collection is a perfect combination of functionality, durability and minimalist elegance.

The BANQUET range is part of the all-purpose dining segment. RAK porcelain sets strict standards for its products to ensure they stand up to daily professional use. The all-purpose dining collections are designed specifically for commercial and mass catering. KDL recommends using in a Bistro-Brasserie, banquet and catering event.

Kendermar Distributors Ltd is Irelands leading supplier of RAK Porcelain.

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CHEF's FUSION offers cocottes, casserole dishes, soup tureens, plates, pans, and mini pans. ideal for cooking and maintining temperature. High resistence and with optimal ergonomy, the series is available in 4 coloured glazes, created to last generation after generation. 

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LEA feautures five fresh flavours  and tangy shades in the form of round, oval or square dishes as well as a full assortment of cups. Its vibrant colours are sealed with a thin strip over permenant enamel.

LEA is part of the RAK casual dining range and is the perfect answer when a balance between functionality, durability and elegance is key.

leading suppliers of RAK Porceilan in Ireland.