The BUFFET series combines design with unfailing toughness. The BUFFET GN range includes all the sizes of hotplates, display cases and refrigerated display shelves in line with the GASTRONORM standards.

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d 29cm/ h 14cm/ c 160cl/

d 36cm/ h 4cm/ c 360cl/

d 46cm/ h 4cm/ c 575cl/

l 21cm/ w 21cm/ c 200cl/

l 25cm/ w 25cm/ h 10.5cm/ c 416cl/

l 25cm/ w 18cm/ h 5cm/

l 30cm/ w 20cm/ h 6cm/

l 56cm/ w 21cm/ h 5.5cm/ c 220cl/

d 31cm/ h 17cm/ c 600cl/

l 22.5cm/ w 22.5cm/ h 4.5cm/ c 100cl/

l 28cm/ w 28cm/ h 6cm/ c 243cl/

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