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Kendermar Ditributors Ltd offers a fantastic cutlery range which is an ideal combination of performance, style and value. We have seven cutlery sets with unique premium patterns, exclusive to our cutlery range, designed to encapsulate innovation and functionality. These patterns (all of which are 18/0 stainless steel and highly polished) provide an eclectic mix of styles; from elegant sophistication through to strong and robust handling. In addition, while our Millennium Cutlery provides good cutting blades for volume users.

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Our range of drinkware covers a selection of stylish and innovative vessels, mugs, pots, cones and cups that work perfectly as alternatives to traditional glassware for the presentation of cold beverages. Copper and Stainless Steel Martini Glasses are perfect modern substitutes to the classic martini when serving trendy cocktails. New under our drinkware selection this year, we have added a range of cool Tiki Mugs to add the 'wow' factor, evoking the spirit of the South Pacific. New aslo on our drinkware collection are a choice of beautiful Tumblers and Margarita Glasses for those seeking a touch of contemporary sophistication.
Oven To Tableware
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All our oven to tableware range is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, fully vitrified to BS4034. These ranges perform in all catering applications, adding style to the foodservice presentation. Individual service items, like Mini-Casserole Dishes and Contemporary Smooth Ramekins give a new twist to food presentation.
Oven to Tableware hot counter service presentation can be improved with our range of roasters and gastronome dishes, maximising fully hot counter space and minimising heat loss and cost.

Royal Genware Oven to Tableware perfectly complements our range of RAK Porcelain Tableware.
Table Setting
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Table Setting ranges cover a wide selection of lines, suitable for use alongside RAK porcelain, cutlery and glassware. These ranges cover traditional through to contemporary styles, ensuring that there are products to suit all requirements. Our collection of innovative Table Setting items are perfect for modern casual dining establishments and serves to showcase how foodservice has developed beyond purely standard plates and service lines. Materials are selected by best quality, durability and appearance in use.
Among others, with our selection of table setting items, you can bring a natural rustic looking with our wooden platters and boards, spice up food presentation with our miniature range of baskets, buckets, roasters and saucepans or choose the best matching Salt and pepper shakers and grinders from our full range of materials.
We have added, to our table setting section, a number of products ideal for the increasingly popular fast-casual sector. Included among these new items are our Galvanised Steel Bin lids, Newspaper Print Presentation Bags and our new Aluminium Mess Tins, and so much more. All to make your table setting look beautiful.